Monday, January 21, 2008

TBC .. you got SERVED.

hi. i'm going to blog real quickly because i haven't in awhile. so, it's mlkjr day, black man day, i love today & i finally uploaded a new video, not just a new video, but a new video that i'm finally pleased with. typically, i can't stand my own videos & it takes me weeks to complete them, but i'm somewhat proud of myself for filming & editing a video all in one day. THAT IS HUGE FOR ME. i uploaded the video to, i suppose you could call it, my 2nd stalker channel [] .. i only created it so jamie would bust a move but i got a little carried away. WARNING: DO NOT EAT BEFORE VIEWING.

Friday, January 11, 2008


first semester is over :) some friends and i went to chipotle to celebrate, i swear to you, the burritos are larger than my head but somehow i manage to eat the entire thing. it felt as if i ate a small child. some call it talent, others call it gluttony. i also have a 3-day weekend however i should probably prepare myself for my new, somewhat challenging classes .. actually, who am i kidding .. i'll be cyboring all weekend. So, as most of you already know, I only look good up-close and in certain light, which is rather odd, like in reality you wouldn't notice me for the monster i really am.

STEALING FROM KIMMAY'S IDEA LIKE EVERYONE ELSE - HERE IS WHAT I LOOK LIKE RIGHT NOW - 1:50 P.M - DON'T YOU FORGET IT. I'm feeling a rent movies and eat my feelings kinda night .. any recommendations for good movies .. or ice cream?
oh & mememolly has left the buildling :( you will be missed.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

oh what a night but not really ..

okay so tonight was eventful yet embarrassing. first off, some girls from my soccer team & i had to work concessions for the boy's basketball game which sucks a fat left nut although we do get to devour unlimited free food. the boys were playing harvey, a predominately black school, so naturally they swept the floor with our white asses. now, it’s rather obvious that i have an odd obsession with black boys which means i was having a field day at this game until I saw chris, no, not chris brown, but this boy i mildly stalked my sophomore summer. we “met” in driver’s ed class when both of our parents were late to pick us up, i’m pretty sure he initiated conversation primarily to boost his ego but i could give two shits, he was fine .. i’m talking milk chocolate that melts in your hand before it even reaches your mouth kinda fine. anyways, back to reality, he was at the game and grabbed my friend’s ass – her ass could fight in combat & make jennifer lopez look like an amateur – but he’s manwhore, honestly though who isn’t these days? [i'm crude & prude] during the game, nikkay [babyporridge] called but i was surrounded by screaming maniacs so i thought she said “missy from albania” not “nikki from australia” .. i hate talking on phones, it makes me nervous & sweaty but then again, i sweat when i read. not only was i embarrassed for looking like complete shit but i lost my seat trying to chat with nikk and got stuck sitting next to an odd, mysterious character, who apparently goes to my school, and he constantly hummed and mumbled to himself then anxiously stared around smiling. did I mention that he smelled like a turdburger straight outta the greaser? on top of that, my principle, who just so happens to be my basketball coach’s dad – douchebag alert – well, i thought he was trying to give me a high five but it was directed to a friend behind me, so i went in for the kill & smacked his hand like it was my job , making me look like a dumbass. i win for longest run-on and grammatically inaccurate sentences. furthermore the absolute highlight of my night was getting into the wrong car while leaving – yes, it’s true – which goes to prove that I am, indeed, mentally handicapped. seriously, my friends and i ran into this minivan thinking it was my friend’s mom, but oh sweet jesus were we wrong, it was some man and he was like “hello girls” .. WE WERE COMPLETELY IN THE CAR and i'm not gonna lie, i've never ran away that fast in my life besides for when i'm being chased or chasing an ice cream truck. blah blah blah. sorry i need to learn how to shorten my thoughts, if you stuck around & actually read this pointless shit then good for you, you get .. nothing :( or maybe a cupcake?

Monday, January 7, 2008

i ride the short bus to school [not because i'm gifted like that slut]

hi all 3 people that read this. i'm currently @ school, preparing myself to take a nap on my teacher's floor [not a 8 hr. molly nap though]. tonight is the BCS national championship between osu & lsu and it's basically a sin for ohioans to not watch - but, my teachers, being the lovely assbags that they are, plan on giving us tests tomorrow. SPEAKING OF OHIO, this past weekend there was a massive blizzard and temperatures hit single digits yet, magically, it's like 60 degrees right now. i suppose climate change is 'in' right now. back to school, i'm not doing too hot in math at the moment and lucky for me, today was a work day, however my friends & i decided to have a rap battle in which i dominated. mrs. smith, the spanish teacher i aid for, has a daily routine of watching 'the view' and then vomit-worthy soap operas, elizabeth hasselback's baby is adorable & right now she's talking about her milky tits. i also decided to give the MINT OREO CAPPUCINO another shot this morning, bad idea, i don't know why my stomach is a pussy, chocolate runs through my damn veins. anywho, i'm pondering what to buy for lunch - i love muffin tops which is ridiculous because it's truly impossible to merely have a muffin top, there will always & forever be a bottom. oh and caitlin & i were going to become 'blogsisters' but some old whores already took the name so i'm thinking 'blogsisterswholikeincest.' [eye] think it's creative, she thinks it's creepy. i have a shitload of homework tonight so if i sign on msn, refuse to talk to me - bitch, get the hell out - but chances are i'll beg you to respond & then i'll stay up till 3 .. again. BLAH. I'M. TIRED. OF. EVERYTHING. EVEN. YOU. actually, i really like you, whoever you are. sorry, i fail at life, i think i'll go now. bye :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Once Upon a Time a Sad Little Girl Blogged

Once upon a time in a faraway farmland otherwise known as Ohio there lived a sad little girl who possessed the ability to write both intelligently and comically but this sole skill was soon stolen by whom she believes to be the evil spirits of Hitler or Ursula. The sad little girl's brain was kidnapped and held at a costly ransom however the girl recently struggled with an acid and hooker addiction and could not afford to buy her knowledge back. The hookers made her happy inside - she ordered various flavors but her favorite was clearly chocolate - milk chocolate - none of that healthy dark chocolate shit.

That pitiful piece of a blog eventually turned into a lengthy story but, being the epic failure that I am, I managed to somehow delete the entire thing and that's all I can remember thus far. I recall there being a Molly from MeMeland and Leighs of Kimber and a boy who worked at Disneyland and forced kids to buy Hilary Duff CD's. Anywho, I like talking about magical creatures who roam the interwebz. But, not really, I hate talking about everything ..

My Zodiac Year is the Horse. Hardyharhar Caitlin - you should blog about your dreams <3