Monday, January 21, 2008

TBC .. you got SERVED.

hi. i'm going to blog real quickly because i haven't in awhile. so, it's mlkjr day, black man day, i love today & i finally uploaded a new video, not just a new video, but a new video that i'm finally pleased with. typically, i can't stand my own videos & it takes me weeks to complete them, but i'm somewhat proud of myself for filming & editing a video all in one day. THAT IS HUGE FOR ME. i uploaded the video to, i suppose you could call it, my 2nd stalker channel [] .. i only created it so jamie would bust a move but i got a little carried away. WARNING: DO NOT EAT BEFORE VIEWING.


babyporridge. said...

baybay, you're on

January 23
1. TokenCaucasionChic is yet ANOTHER FAKE VLOGGER just like TokenBlackChic.

i love you.

Kimberl(eigh)y said...

my milkshake brings all the boyz to tha yard!

Kimberl(eigh)y said...

dood. I keep coming here. you don't change it. This isn't the time to not post! come onnnn let me stare at youuuu.

babyporridge. said...

the last time you updated this blog was in january.


i'll be back on the internet next week. (momentary uni mid-sem break)

i better see you, betch.