Monday, January 7, 2008

i ride the short bus to school [not because i'm gifted like that slut]

hi all 3 people that read this. i'm currently @ school, preparing myself to take a nap on my teacher's floor [not a 8 hr. molly nap though]. tonight is the BCS national championship between osu & lsu and it's basically a sin for ohioans to not watch - but, my teachers, being the lovely assbags that they are, plan on giving us tests tomorrow. SPEAKING OF OHIO, this past weekend there was a massive blizzard and temperatures hit single digits yet, magically, it's like 60 degrees right now. i suppose climate change is 'in' right now. back to school, i'm not doing too hot in math at the moment and lucky for me, today was a work day, however my friends & i decided to have a rap battle in which i dominated. mrs. smith, the spanish teacher i aid for, has a daily routine of watching 'the view' and then vomit-worthy soap operas, elizabeth hasselback's baby is adorable & right now she's talking about her milky tits. i also decided to give the MINT OREO CAPPUCINO another shot this morning, bad idea, i don't know why my stomach is a pussy, chocolate runs through my damn veins. anywho, i'm pondering what to buy for lunch - i love muffin tops which is ridiculous because it's truly impossible to merely have a muffin top, there will always & forever be a bottom. oh and caitlin & i were going to become 'blogsisters' but some old whores already took the name so i'm thinking 'blogsisterswholikeincest.' [eye] think it's creative, she thinks it's creepy. i have a shitload of homework tonight so if i sign on msn, refuse to talk to me - bitch, get the hell out - but chances are i'll beg you to respond & then i'll stay up till 3 .. again. BLAH. I'M. TIRED. OF. EVERYTHING. EVEN. YOU. actually, i really like you, whoever you are. sorry, i fail at life, i think i'll go now. bye :)

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originality is dead, long live originality said...

Sounds like your Spanish teacher rode the short bus earlier in her career. I mean soap operas are one thing... but The View? Uhhg. I guess sluts are gifted.
a fellow Ohioan (in exile)