Sunday, January 6, 2008

Once Upon a Time a Sad Little Girl Blogged

Once upon a time in a faraway farmland otherwise known as Ohio there lived a sad little girl who possessed the ability to write both intelligently and comically but this sole skill was soon stolen by whom she believes to be the evil spirits of Hitler or Ursula. The sad little girl's brain was kidnapped and held at a costly ransom however the girl recently struggled with an acid and hooker addiction and could not afford to buy her knowledge back. The hookers made her happy inside - she ordered various flavors but her favorite was clearly chocolate - milk chocolate - none of that healthy dark chocolate shit.

That pitiful piece of a blog eventually turned into a lengthy story but, being the epic failure that I am, I managed to somehow delete the entire thing and that's all I can remember thus far. I recall there being a Molly from MeMeland and Leighs of Kimber and a boy who worked at Disneyland and forced kids to buy Hilary Duff CD's. Anywho, I like talking about magical creatures who roam the interwebz. But, not really, I hate talking about everything ..

My Zodiac Year is the Horse. Hardyharhar Caitlin - you should blog about your dreams <3


disneykid1 said...

hahahahah. You really are a great writer, court. LOVE IT. <3

Kimberl(eigh)y said...

I like your stories! MOAR.